Monday, October 5, 2015

Some helpful links

Here is some information from our agency's website, specific to the China program.
Please peruse this info.

"Holt International is a non-profit agency serving vulnerable children around the world. Holt's board of directors mandates that we keep our adoption fees in the mid to low-mid range, compared with other agencies of our size and scope. We advise families to budget $30-$32,000 total for an adoption from China, which includes the adoption trip and all related adoption expenses between application and placement. Additionally, all in-country adoption costs, including the $5700 orphanage donation, are included in the China program fee. Holt wires these funds to China prior to the family's travel. Holt families are not required to personally make large cash payments while in China. Our fees are on par with, or less than, many of the leading agencies."

" We always need families for boys! Many children come into institutional care in China because their birth families cannot pay the fines for exceeding the family size limit set by the one-child policy. Other families are unable to afford the cost of medical care needed to treat their child's medical condition. In the latter case, the number of boys entering care with special needs is close to the same as girls. And since adoption from China is now primarily for children with special needs, the ratio of boys and girls who need families is also close to 50/50. However, more families are requesting to adopt girls than boys, which means boys often wait longer to have a permanent family. Adoptive parents who are open to a boy may be matched more quickly than those preferring a girl."

FEES breakdown:
(**EDIT** There is a new cost layout with an increase in the overall fees, see here )

Most adoptions are "special needs", here is a checklist. Do not let it scare you, there are plenty of mama's and dads who are willing to help you through this list:

FAQ's page:

If you are interested in adopting, please comment and I am happy to help you find the information you need. I do NOT have all the answers, and I do NOT work for an agency. I DO have a huge heart for the orphans, and I love when families grow through adoption of any type.