Saturday, November 14, 2015

End of year giving?


Friends and family, it is my understanding from an accountant friend that each of us can make up to a $500 dollar donation each year and not have to supply any receipts for any specific organization. Of course, you should research that on your own, I am not responsible for your actions or outcome.
If you are sitting down to decide your end of your giving please consider our family's adoption process as your cause this year, we would accept it as a "gift".

Thank you so much for the consideration,
Lynette (for K and P)

A sincere thank you! Our Pie Social and Craft Festival was a success!

Thank you so much for supporting our orphan-&-adoption fund, and caring for our family as well.

With your help at the event at Calvary Baptist Church in Oceanport NJlast week we raised $1,115 dollars! GO JESUS!!

That is a wonderful contribution for which we are so grateful, and we will continue to work towards the overall fees. 

up to 6,000 dollars for the home study and the US processing fees, Dossier items, etc (as outlined here: ) 

15,000 dollars all at once which would be at the time of being matched with our child ("sooner or later")

Holt updated their program information and new estimates for the overall costs are growing to 40,000, so we really do covet and need your support, we do hope that small svaings as a returning family will help with this, and we will apply for the Special Needs Adoption Grant with our agency. 

Of course Kevin continues his regular job, taking on additional hours wherever possible,  to support our family's regular bills. We are not rich, and like all adopting families, everything appears to be breaking just because we are adopting ;) My husband spent last week taking the old washing machine apart to replace the belt. We are a regular family, and due to specifics of my husband's job we remain in our state of NJ which is a more expensive place to live. We share a job cleaning our church, and I have an additional job at our daughter's school. Plus the fundraising and the paper work for the adoption is a job unto itself, so I personally wear many hats!

I wish I could name all of you individually who have helped on scene at CBC with the Pie Social and Craft Festival. By the GRACE OF GOD there are so many that we could not possible list all. You do know who you are and I have prayed thanks to Jesus on many occasions for YOU each and ask for Him to bless you.

On facebook I have been thanking all the businesses and hand crafters who have been donating items in "real time" as they donated. Again THANK YOU! 

Kev and I feel that the Lord has placed us in a position of advocating for the orphans and see this as a mission of ours. If anyone has any questions about orphans or their care, please reach out.We will do our best to answer your questions, or if we cannot do so we will give you resources.

Blessings and THANKS, Lynette (for Kev and little P)

Here are some pictures from the Pie Social and Craft Fair.:)