COFFEE> It's what's brewing!

Our "COFFEE> It's what's brewing" page will change over the course of time, right now we are hosting our Coffee Cozy sale here.

Here are what they look like (cup not included), and they were made by a dear friend, Dawn. She used InuslBrite lining for hot AND COLD drinks.

As always, Dawn is exceedingly wonderful, sweet, makes me laugh, and supports us to no end.  

I cannot thank her enough for sharing her talents, such as these hand made coffee cozies!!

Sugg. Pricing:
one @ $10  now only $8 each
2 or more @ $16 now only 2-for-$12 each.

Having a shower? Ladies Bible Study event? Other organized event where you will use favors or giveaways? Choose a bulk purchase of these to hand out to the recipients, such a fun AND useful favor.

These are great for gifts standing on their own (or pair it with your own coffee house gift card for example)

(for local purchases to Monmouth and Ocean counties, NJ> in April receive 2 peanut butter jumbo cookies. :-D YUM)

Fire theme, Sweet Summer Garden, and Olaf are **SOLD OUT**

6 >> Play Ball <<

2 Bella Blossoms

5 Pink and Precious Queens

ONLY 1 Groovy and Bright left

ONLY 1 Jesus Fish left
(NOTE: Not pictured yet: there is a darker beige background cozy with little vine-like branches in light brown, it compliments well with the Jesus Fish design, in case anyone wants to buy a bunch for a gathering. They simply go well together. There are 5 of the Tender Branches design)

ONLY 2 Bright Stripes left

2 Guangzhou Daydreaming

1 Perfect Paisley Purple

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